Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spiderwebs again

I'm back at home and I am so happy to be here. It's amazing how quickly and slowly time passes when you are sick. I feel almost like myself, but still have to take it easy for another five days to make sure I'm sufficiently recovered to continue with the day to day life. One wonderful side effect, ideas. More progress has been made on the Fantasia Spider doily.
I'm about 1/4 of the way through with this. I had to stop to refill shuttles and thought of tackling all those ends. After finding the beading needles I use to sew in ends, I also found this hexagon frame. Where I got it eludes my mind now, I've had it for so long. The idea came to mount the Spider Fantasia to it.
I began by wrapping the core and adding picots every three stitches. Perhaps I should have measured what I actually had finished to the frame before beginning this. It is not going to fit. Either way, I will continue to wrap the frame, I can always use it for another purpose or even use those balls of size 100 thread to do another doily. I believe it would make a rather dramatic mount for whatever ends up in it.

Ideas kept coming to add beads! OMG, no not beads! Just on the smaller rings that form the "web". I thought it would look pretty with the beads mimicking water drops. It is beautiful in my mind's eye, although it mostly likely never happen. I do not have it in me to invest that much time on this. Then again I can always sew the beads into the center after it is all complete, so that's an idea put on the back burner for now.

I still have all those snowflakes to finish for my coworkers. Each one is taking me a day to make in between being distracted by video games and sleeping.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Speed bumbs

The previous post was suppose to have went "live" two weeks ago. I just noticed it had not, it looks like I will have to spend more time learning the workings of that.

I am currently unable to work on any projects. I suffer from asthma, and this is nothing more than an annoyance as it is normally easily controlled. However , the day before I felt the stirrings of an attack, and to my surprise the treatment had no effect. I am also a stubborn woman and tried all my alternative treatments but those also failed me. I had no choice but to head to  the hospital. Now here I am, two days later, still trying to figure out why the treatments are only giving me a short lived reprieve. I have been poke and stabbed so many times that I can hardly bend my arms.

Now whenever I get to "borrow" time from the everyday life, I enjoy them by crafting or napping. Unfortunately, I cannot do either. It has been almost two days since I have been able to sleep. I have been informed that I will be staying another 4 days. With nothing to do to but fidget. Hopefully they will figure out why this asthma attack is so extreme and I will be able to return to my everyday life. Yes, even my retail

Creative crash

I have finished the first of the snowflakes with beads. I do like how it looks but I dislike working with beads. Pushing them back on the shuttle as I work has taxed my nerves. The thought occured to me to "paint" them with glitter glue when I stiffen them. That would be messy, so then I thought to use a filament to give it the sparkle. I think I'm in a lazy tatting mode right now.

I received my multi-shuttle pack of Starlight shuttles I ordered and filled four of those with size 50 thread. I do have close to 10 balls of this so far with another two coming in. I began working on one of Iris's Fantasia book patterns. I was confused on where to start. It was obviously not where I actually began, in the center. After taking a break, I actually read the entire book and realized my mistake. It's okay though, where I began let me gauge more accurately how big I was going to work the project.

Then again I was side-tracked and went back to working Teri's Spider CG doily. I honestly just wanted a some what straight forward project to use the many balls of size 50 thread on. I'm currently debating on whether to "paint" the butterflies another color when/if I ever complete it. I'm finding a lot of bright colored tatting projects on my Pintrest feed and that in turn is motivating me a small bit more to do it.