Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dreams and Demands

My oldest asked me to make some dream catchers for her.She wanted me to use my tatting for the central part of it. I thought it was a good idea, so I put the Spider Fantasia aside and began.

I did not expect the criteria my daughter added after we hashed out the details.  For starters, there would be four of these. Okay different colors so I don't mind. I will just tat the same motif. Then add some beads, still not a problem. They have to be keychain, I have some fine thread. She wants them by Tuesday.  This gives me three days to finish.

I didnt have the right sized "hoops" for this but I improvised with some large earring hoops. These actually worked out perfect for the size she wanted.

After the second one was made, these came along fun and fast.

Monday, December 19, 2016

I remember a few months back there was this rage going around of beaded angels/fairies/dolls. Some creative tatter added lace to it and it was the cutest little thing. My hands decided to try and make my own version of it. First was trying to find the original postings and could not find it. Then searching Pintrest I found something similiar. I tried not to spend too much time there, because I really don't  need another

Using this as a reference guide, I went through the bead stash and came up with some potentials. I had three good sized glass pearls and decided to go with the smallest as the head. Should the desire, or this first prototype work out, I have two more to work with. I found these bead caps that I originally purchased to work the tatting into the filigree portions of it. It worked out good for the skirt, hair,crown, and back support of the wings. Okay, okay, for the majority of this doll of mine. I  used a hair pin to link most of the beads together, then added a second wire to join the wing support to the body. I left a bit of wire slack in case I decide to add arms after the tatting is done and added.

Since it is winter, the colors I wanted to use had to reflect this. Now I could've gone the obvious, white, but I felt that with the pearl color it needed something more dramatic. Lizabeth Periwinkle to the rescue, in size 40 of course.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Plans for the future

It dawned on me, while working on some of the individual motifs of the Spider Fantasia, that when finished it would make a wonderful backdrop..for a clock! It is a twelve point motif. I'm fairly certain that I can find a clock set up here somewhere, or buy another one. I have been motivated to work faster on this.

I also have a new acquisition for my shuttle collection.  These acrylic shuttles are from I love the way they feel.

Recovery is still slow going..but I am able to work longer shifts so I suppose that's progress. I'm still feeling drained, but even the smallest routine practices make me feel better.